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My current research focuses on set theory with urelements. I am interested in reflection principles, choice principles, forcing, and large cardinals in the presence of urelements. I also have interests in potentialism, abstraction principles, and the relationship between mereology and set theory.



  1.  Boolean-valued Models of Set Theory with Urelements, with Xinhe Wu. Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic. Forthcoming.

  2. Reflective Mereology. Journal of Philosophical Logic 52 (4): 1171-1196. 2023. Journal PDF

  3. Reflection in Second-Order Set Theory with Abundant Urelements Bi-Interprets a Supercompact Cardinal, with Joel David Hamkins. Journal of Symbolic Logic:1-36. 2022. Journal Arxiv   

  4. Reflection Principles and Second-Order Choice Principles with Urelements. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 173 (4):103073. 2022. Journal

  5. Ability and the Past. American Philosophical Quarterly 56 (4):397-406. 2019. Journal

  6. Forcing with Urelements. Submitted. Arxiv 



       Set Theory with Urelements. Arxiv

Recent Presentations

  • Abstraction Principle and Size of Reality.

    • Mathematical Logic Seminar, Wuhan University, May 2024

    • Logic and Metaphysics Conference, Fudan University, April 2024

  • What is Set Theory with Urelements?

    • Logic Seminar, Fudan University, April 2024

    • Logic, Cognition and Interaction, Sichuan University, April 2024.

    • Logic Seminar, Peking University, Oct 2023.

  • Boolean-Valued Models of Set Theory with Urelements. Delta 19 Logic Workshop, March 2024. 

  • Reflection with Absolute Generality.

    • Fudan Mathematical Logic Conference, Fudan University, August 2023. Slides

    • Two-Day Logic Meeting, University of Bristol, July 2023.

    • Infinity and Intensionality Seminar, University of Oslo, June 2023. 

    • Doctoral Seminar, University of Konstanz, June 2023.

  •  Forcing with Urelements.

    • European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, University of Milan, June 2023.

    • Foundational Studies Bristol & Bristol Logic and Set Theory Seminar, May 2023. Slides

    • Notre Dame Logic Reading Group, Nov 2022.

  • Reflective Mereology. CUNY Logic and Metaphysics Workshop, Sep 2022. Handout

  • Reflection Principles in ZF(C) with Urelements. Delta 17 Logic Workshop, May 2022.

  • What is Set Theory with Urelements? Midwest PhilMath Workshop, Nov 2021.

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